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10 Best Quotes In The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is about so much more than just the Cordyceps outbreak and zombies, as its spends a lot of time discussing how humanity has adapted to this grim reality. This is true of both the original games and the HBO series adaptation. In a world where humanity’s struggles are at the forefront, there are naturally many thought-provoking quotes that stick in fans’ minds.

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The best quotes to come out of The Last of Us either have a wider meaning that sums up certain aspects of the show or mark a memorable moment. Joel and Ellie are the main characters of The Last of Us, but plenty of other characters deliver memorable and fascinating quotes.

Spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Season 1.

10 “We Lose” – Dr. Neuman

Episode 1 – “When You’re Lost In The Darkness”

HBO’s The Last of Us has proven to be a faithful adaptation for the most part, and any deviations from the source material have served a purpose. The cold open of Episode 1 included a flashback before Joel and Sarah’s story. The flashback showed a talk show in 1968 where John Hannah’s Doctor Neuman laid out the facts about how a Cordyceps mutation would work if it somehow made its way to humans.

The presenter and audience initially laughed off Neuman’s ominous warnings, but they eventually fell silent as they listened to his compelling theories and predictions. Neuman set the stage for the 2003 outbreak while briefly explaining what the Cordyceps is all about, ending it on the horrifying note of, “we lose.”

9 “Save Who You…

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