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10 Best Scenes In The Sequel Trilogy, According To Reddit

While the Star Wars sequel trilogy has been a source of controversy and criticism from some fans, it has also provided some of the best cinematic and emotional scenes of the entire franchise.

As far as Redditor favorites go, The Last Jedi dominates the discussion of favorite scenes, though many users admit that it isn’t their favorite movie of the sequel series overall. It is interesting to note that the popular scene choices lean much more heavily towards character moments than CGI spectacles.


10 It Isn’t Easy Being Green (The Force Awakens)

Having lived her entire life in the brown desert of Jakku, Rey is nearly overwhelmed by the verdant forests and lakes of the planet Takadona.

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Redditor _ThePhantom comments, “I always loved the scene where Rey … is in awe, saying “I never knew there was this much green in the whole universe.” It’s a deft character moment revealing how limited Rey’s experience of the universe has been. Han looks at her with empathy, for he knows that the young woman is soon to be brutally tested by the most powerful forces in the universe.

9 Kylo Gets Bawled Out (The Last Jedi)

Kylo Ren’s mercurial nature is a weakness caused by the battle between his good Jedi blood and the dark side. Snoke (or, as viewers discover, Palpatine) recognizes this reality and manipulates Kylo to act with greater and greater fury.

Kylo Ren has big father issues, obviously: he’s murdered his biological dad (Han) and looks to the depraved but powerful Snoke as a father figure. Kylo’s dressing-down by the misogynistic Snoke is humiliating to him. “It’s such a quotable scene, and it was cool to see Kylo being completely shamed for losing to Rey,” states Redditor KanyeWest4Prez2020, “You were unnnnbalanced [sic],” Snoke rages. “Bested by a girl who had never held a lightsaber, YOU FAILED!”

8 Nostalgic Interlude (The Last Jedi)

R2-D2 is perhaps the cutest robot in the history of cinema, and though he’s barely in The Last Jedi, his replaying of Leia’s original holographic message to Obi-Wan Kenobi convinces the reluctant Luke to train Rey as a Jedi.

Of the many emotional callbacks to the original trilogy, Luke and R2-D2’s return to Leia’s original distress call so many years later is one of the most melancholy and heartwarming. “… replaying Leia’s message to Obi Wan hit me in my feelings, writes Reddit user Rahmetli_Yoda, and that describes the scene’s effect well.

7 Master and Student, Together Again (The Last Jedi)

Both thrilling and sad, the appearance of Yoda’s Force ghost to Luke just as he’s about to torch the sacred Jedi texts is a trip down memory lane.

Yoda is his old self, enjoying his own jokes and bopping Luke on the head with his cane despite the perilous situation in the galaxy. “Luke and Yoda’s reunion was the best part of TLJ in my opinion. (actually all of Mark Hamill was),” writes Reddit user Wataru2001. The meeting between Yoda and Star Wars‘ most powerful Skywalker surely is one of the most heartstring-tugging scenes in the sequel trilogy.

6 Kylo Ren Unmasked (Sequel Trilogy)

Filming a major character who inhabits a full helmet much of the time is always an issue in terms of the audience connecting to an actor whose face they cannot see, but it can be done. Case in point: Darth Vader.

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Brought to life onscreen in a layered performance by Adam Driver, Kylo Ren is self-patterned after Darth Vader, including a uniform with an intimidating mask. While Vader’s helmet was necessary due to injury, Kylo’s is self-imposed, much like his attachment to the dark side. Redditor OpticalData says that it “really sucks” that Adam Driver is under the Kylo Ren mask so much, adding, “unstable Kylo was far more captivating to watch than evil Kylo.”

5 Rey Arrives Onstage (The Force Awakens)

As the primary character in the sequel trilogy, Rey (Daisy Ridley) needs an effective introduction; the producers choose to model her life on Jakku, much like the banal nature of Luke Skywalker’s desert existence on Tatooine.

The Force Awakens handles Rey’s first impression well, presenting her as independent and resourceful in a difficult existence. “The Introduction to Rey in TFA. Great visual story telling setting up a character’s world & motivation,” says Redditor bluesenmineur. The big Millennium Falcon action sequence to follow doesn’t hurt, either. Altogether, Rey’s character earns a high rank among Redditors’ choices of the best Star Wars Jedi performances.

4 Give Me Your Hand (The Last Jedi)

The Kylo Ren/Rey dynamic is a major storyline in the sequel trilogy, with Rey’s Force-fueled goodness repeatedly testing Kylo’s commitment to the dark side. Adam Driver’s turn as Kylo, extolled by most Redditors, ranks him among the best Star Wars villain performances of all time.

“In TLJ: Kylo reaching out his hand asking Rey to join him,” offers Reddit user JustJakeB, speaking to the powerful scene between the two characters after the death of Snoke. Kylo essentially wants to burn it all down, and then he and Rey will rebuild from the ruins, but his offer is a hypnotic mix of aggression, pleading, darkness and truth. Ren’s pain is her knowledge of his pain, and her sadness at the grip the Dark Side has on him.

3 Good Dialogue, Yoda Has (Star Wars Universe)

Topping the list of famous little green guys like Hermit the Frog, the weak-looking but immensely powerful Yoda is a literal fount of catchy statements and anecdotes, plus he’s been ranked as Star Wars‘ most powerful Jedi of all time.

As one of the classic mentor-aliens of cinema, Yoda’s wisdom, warmth, and odd speech pattern provides the Star Wars universe with many of its most beloved and humorous lines of dialogue. Redditor GulianoBonano gets a ton of support for his list of Yoda quotes, including “Ah, Skywalker. Missed you have I,” from The Last Jedi.

2 Lake-Skimming Dogfight (The Force Awakens)

As one of the signature action sequences of The Force Awakens, the Resistance attack on the First Order on Takadona, intercut with Kylo Ren’s capture of Rey, is highly memorable.

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“The X-wings skimming the water on Takadona in TFA and the ensuing dogfight is my favorite sequence in the entire sequel trilogy,” Reddit user Capt_Yegs says. Beautifully choreographed, edited, and laced with dramatic tension, the Takadona action sequence is one of the best battle set pieces of the sequel trilogy. Many Reddit users feel the Poe Cameron dogfight in the X-Wing made up for never getting to see Wedge Antilles show his stuff in the original trilogy.

1 Lightspeed To Destruction (The Last Jedi)

Of all the acts of courageous self-sacrifice in the sequel trilogy, there is no single incident that reverberates with more visceral impact than the kamikaze run of Vice Admiral Holdo into Snoke’s flagship, the Supremacy.

“Look, the hyperspace suicide jump in TLJ was absolutely the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” writes Redditor FritztheGrim, collecting many concurring responses from other users. Holdo, a mere human without Force powers, deliberately launches her cruiser, the Raddus, into the Supremacy, obliterating much of the First Order fleet. Holdo’s act saves the Resistance from destruction. It’s no wonder audiences remember this scene.

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