10x speed!How to complete 4000 watch hours on YouTube 2020 Best method Free

Hello friends, Today I will show you how you can complete 4000 watch hours. I create an app which can play 10 videos at the same time. In this way if you play 1 hour your own video then you will get 10 hours of watch time.

Just watch this video and download the app from the link given below and enjoy. It is always free. Also subscribe my Youtube channel to keep undated with new version of this app.

How to complete 4000 hours watch time for free best trick 2020

Step:1 Install this app

Youtube Multiplayer

Click Here to Download:- Download Now

Step2:- Open and wait for ad load. After ad load click on any post to verify that you are not a bot.

Step3:- After verifying you will see another screen.

Then paste your video link and click on start button and relax.

Note:- If you have small version or low ram and low processor then click on Hide button to reduce load on device.

Amar Hooda

My name is Amar Hooda and I am a freelancer, web and app developer. You can put me on a freelancer for web and graphic design. I like to share my knowledge, so I bought this site and started posting content. I will guide my users to earn money online.

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