Saturday, September 24

A marketing expert rates Instagram weed dealers

For about a decade now, Instagram has been riddled with weed dealers. So much so, that it sometimes feels like you’re wading through a maelstrom of people offering a mixed grill of #SourDiesel, #LemonHaze, #WhiteWidow and so on.

Meta (the corporation that runs Instagram) have been trying to do something about this for a while, but they are doggy paddling against a gigantic swell of dealers lingering above the thirst traps offering weed. Some are scammers, waiting in the digital shadows to rip you off, some are selling the genuine product.

According to a report by drugs think tank VolteFace, 55 per cent of people aged 16 to 24 have seen drugs being advertised on Instagram. The most popular drug that the participants saw advertised there, the report concluded, was weed.

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I wanted to look into the digital strategy of some of Instagram’s weed dealers, so I enlisted the help of the best social media strategist I know, James Parker. He’s worked as Head of Editorial at plenty of publishers in the UK, creating more than his share of viral moments.

When he was running the socials for Burger King, he posted the most-liked branded tweet of all-time. It was a three-word burn of Kanye West which was liked 878.8k times earning him a trophy from Twitter. He obliged, in exchange for a pint, to help me rank the social media strategy of five Instagram weed dealers – whose accounts we can’t embed below, for obvious reasons.

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