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An Erotic Thriller That Flips the Script Gets a Satisfying Climax on Netflix

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Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend people watch erotic thrillers largely for the richly-drawn characters and engaging storylines, not when the majority of them are sold on the back of things getting down and dirty. While there’s plenty of that to be found in 2009’s Chloe, the story does at least manage to flip the script and maneuver itself into a new position, narratively speaking of course.

Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson play an affluent couple in a marriage that may or may not be stagnating depending on which one you ask, leading the former to grow increasingly convinced that the latter is having an affair. To try and weed out his infidelity, she tasks Amanda Seyfried’s call girl to seduce her husband and report back with the sordid details.

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However, a heavily-lubricated spanner gets thrust into the works when the two women engage in a little extramarital sauciness of their own, before things get compounded even further by a twist that leaves Moore’s Catherine Stewart forced to swallow a burning hot load of information that shocks her to the very core.

Chloe was a modest box office success, but middling reviews pointed out that even a fresh spin on a formula that had been pounded into the ground wasn’t enough to elevate it to the pantheon of titillating excellence. Not that an underwhelming plot has ever put anybody off cinematic eroticism, with Chloe proving that yet again after the film managed to penetrate the Netflix charts.

Per FlixPatrol, the undercooked and largely unclothed romp has been welcomed inside the…

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