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Are Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon Still Together? Are You The One Update

Only a few reality series have a fanbase as strong as ‘Are You The One?‘ The show’s unique format, intriguing cast, and entertaining drama have allowed it to rise to the top and have people worldwide rooting for their favorite couples. However, once the cast members exit the social experiment, the public is always eager to know whether or not the on-screen couples are able to create romantic magic in real life. The same question is now revolving around season 9’s Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon, whose journey in the Paramount+ series was boring. Luckily, here is what we know about the same!

Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon Are You The One? Journey

Entering the ninth installment of the dating show, Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon did not lack options regarding potential partners. The former was initially attracted to Brooke Rachman and even went on a double date with Taylor Kelly. However, his connection with Courtney Rowe seemed to genuinely make him believe that he had indeed found his perfect match. The relationship between the two was certainly strong, and the couple was hopeful that they would make it to the need.

The partnership between Will and Courtney lasted for three weeks until the latter realized that it was unlikely that she was her perfect match, given how few beams were being lit up during the matching ceremonies. While upset, Will decided to go along with Courtney’s decision and shifted his focus to Danielle Bonaparte. However, things did get a bit tricky for Will when he took Danielle…

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