Attaque Requins egypte video leaked, Horrific shark attack kills two women in Egypt

One of the two victims had his arm ripped off before giving in. Egypt’s southeastern Red Sea province ordered the closure of several tourist beaches on Friday after a deadly shark attacked two women in Sarhish Bay, two security sources said.

One of the two victims, a 68-year-old Austrian woman married to an Egyptian who managed to emerge from the water after her arm was torn off, was taken to hospital, a source said. unable to recover. Source Reuters.

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The body of a Romanian tourist in his 40s was found hours later, two sources told Reuters.

Video of the attack has appeared on social media. We see one of the two women fighting with an oars in a pool of blood while people try to help her by throwing ropes from the bridge. We don’t see anything explicit in the video, but the images are still shocking.

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The Egyptian government said on Facebook that authorities were now working to “determine the circumstances of the attack” to “determine what caused the shark to take such aggression.”

The two attacks were reportedly 600 meters apart. Any maritime activity in the area is now prohibited.

The last deadly shark attack in the Red Sea was in 2018, on a Czech tourist.