Bitcoin is Now legal in India. How to earn bitcoin for free?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. You can’t touch it. But it works and physical currency. First, you need a wallet and then you can trade BTC and earn BTC by several methods. A lot of methods are available to earn BTC online. Solving a puzzle online gives bitcoins, as well as money, can be added to it. Not only bitcoin, but there are also many currencies that are very odor and its value is increasing year after year. Now the price of one bitcoin is Rs 6.39 lakhs.

Bitcoin is Legal or Illegal in India?

In 2018, RBI ordered all exchange services to stop exchange until the supreme court final decision and all trades are stopped. But now supreme court removes all restrictions and allows BTC trades in India. Now it is legal to invest and trade BTC in India.

Now let’s see how you can make Bitcoin Online.

  1. Faucet Rotator
  2. Mining
  3. Apps
  4. PTC websites

You can earn money by rolling or collecting satoshi from a faucet. A lot of faucets are available on the internet to collect satoshi as per every minute, 5 minutes, and hourly faucet. So it is very easy to earn bitcoin by faucet. First, choose 10 to 15 faucets and create a wallet in faucethub. Then start collecting daily and store bitcoin to earn money.

Second is Apps and websites. You can earn money from BTC apps that are offering to earn BTC by doing some online stuff like download apps, visit websites, daily open apps. etc. And many PTC sites are paying in BTC. I already posted about PTC sites you can search and visit for PTC sites. You need to click on ads and you will get paid for every click and you can withdraw into your wallet.

Next is Mining, and it is the best method if you have money to invest. Because you need a lot of machines to build a mining farm. You can also use the cloud mining website. You can buy their power and use it to mine any coin. Or you can but mining machines or mining rig to mine any crypto coin. It is very risky also.

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