This is so good, especially Paul Heyman, who never once breaks character.

A video that has gone viral showing four young WWE fans caught the attention of the WWE Superstars they were paying tribute to. The Bloodline caught wind of a TikTok video posted by four fans paying tribute to their group and the response is classic Bloodline.

Account ebukadikeh on TikTiok posted a video of them walking out to Roman Reign’s theme music. One young fan was dressed like Reigns, the other had a suit and was carrying two championship titles and two young men pretending to be the Usos were not far behind, slowly walking through what looked like a housing complex. The video went viral and clearly showed to Reigns and his cousins because they posted their own responses.


Reigns is seen laughing at first and then pointed to the youngest in the suit and said, “Look at the little wise man.” Paul Heyman responded, “I think we should file a lawsuit on them.” Jey piped in and said “let’s go get em’, we’ll whoop their a– too” to which Roman seemed to calm things down and say “I like it. They acknowledged me.”

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This Is What WWE Fandom Is All About

For these kids, knowing that The Bloodline saw and responded to this has to be a huge feeling. Just the fact the video has so many views is amazing, but that Reigns acknowledged their skit has to be the best feeling for young kids who are clearly fans. For the WWE Superstars, knowing they’re having this kind of impression on people is probably also a great feeling. This has got to be one of the reasons WWE stars do what they do.

The best is Heyman’s reaction. He almost never broke character, even when Reigns got a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

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