Screengrab from the video shared on Twitter by @9GAG

An excessively viral video on social media shows a woman juggling three glowing balls, one of which is red initially and later turns to blue to blend in with other two balls. Only the eagle-eyed can tell which one is the red ball in this mind-boggling trick.
The woman tosses the now-blue balls and also moves them laterally to make the challenge extremely tough in the video originally shared by 9Gag on Twitter.

Can you tell which one is the red ball? Spoiler alert: The correct answer is revealed later in the story.

The juggling video has blown past 1.1 million views already and has left people on the internet scratching their heads.

Take another good look. Now, do you know the answer?

So, the red ball, as many users have unanimously pointed out, ends up in position 1.

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