Saturday, September 24

Celtics icon Paul Pierce destroyed on Twitter for Ime Udoka take

Boston Celtics icon Paul Pierce has chimed in on the Ime Udoka scandal that has rocked the basketball world. After getting caught having an illicit affair with a female staffer, the Celtics head coach is now awaiting what has been dubbed as a “significant suspension” for his transgression. If you ask Pierce, however, he believes that Udoka does not deserve to be suspended.

According to the Hall of Fame swingman, the Celtics should just opt to fine Udoka for his actions:

“It should just be a fine not a suspension,” Pierce wrote in his tweet.

Pierce’s hot take did not exactly sit well with some users, and as usual, the mean streets of Twitter unleashed their full wrath on The Truth:

Others were quick to point out that Paul Pierce doesn’t have the moral ascendancy to speak on this highly sensitive subject:

Well, that’s just savage. Some keyboard warriors were quick to point out Pierce’s history with women and how he isn’t exactly a model citizen. I guess he had this coming?

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For what it’s worth, however, some folks also agreed with Pierce’s assessment of the issue at hand. The general sentiment is that Udoka’s transgression was not dire enough to warrant such a severe punishment (there have been rumors of a potential one-year suspension looming). Others, though, were quick to point out that the Celtics coach made a clear violation of company policy, and that he should face the consequences of his actions.

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