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Chainsaw Man Meets My Dress-Up Darling As Marin Cosplays Power

Marin dressed as many in-universe characters throughout My Dress-Up Darling, but this fanart shows her tackling the hit 2022 anime Chainsaw Man.

A Reddit post from r/SonoBisqueDoll showed artwork of the popular anime cosplayer in various poses and costumes as Denji’s best buddy, Power. Marin brings Power to life while donning some of the character’s most commonly worn clothing, including her blue hoodie and Public Safety uniform combo, as well as her red long-sleeved shirt and jean shorts. She also sports Power’s iconic red horns and spiked teeth but keeps the earrings she wore throughout the series to help signify the character under the costume.

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My Dress-up Darling’s Marin Is the Perfect Power

Besides getting the costumes right, the artist visualizes Marin in a compilation of the character’s most iconic moments. On the bottom left is her recreation of Power’s Nobel Prize winner fantasy, which shows the character with a ponytail and glasses. To the right of that is the now infamous image of Power sitting on the toilet seat, clenching her chest as she prepares to engage in her deal with Denji, which Marin plays into. Finally, above are two images of Marin clutching Power’s Blood Scythe and playing into her personality with facial expressions and physical energy.

My Dress-Up Darling aired in 2022 and charmed audiences with its keen focus on romance and cosplay, the latter of which led to a surge of popularity for cosplayers playing the leading lady. The show…

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