Saturday, September 24

Cyberpunk 2077 update adds transmog and cat pictures

The Cyberpunk 2077 transmog system we first glimpsed in February (opens in new tab) is now fully live thanks to today’s 1.6 “Edgerunners” update, which also includes new gigs, weapons, cross-platform progression, and—most important of all—the ability to take pictures of your cat Nibbles.

Okay, that’s not actually the most important part of the update. That honor clearly belongs to the new transmog system, known in-game as your wardrobe, which enables players to change their style—in the game, to be clear—without having to change their armor stats. Up to six outfits can be created using the wardrobe, which is accessible in any of V’s apartments and safehouses. The update also adds the long-overdue option to modify V’s face and body when visiting Ripperdoc clinics, so you’re no longer stuck forever with the character you designed at the start of the game.

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