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Dave Filoni ‘Rarely’ Thinks About Bringing Animated Star Wars Characters to Live-Action

In recent years, shows like The Mandalorian have allowed animated characters from Star Wars canon to make the jump to live-action. Contrary to popular belief, however, such transitions aren’t necessarily a priority for executive producer/writer/director Dave Filoni.

During a recent interview with TheWrap, Filoni was asked how often he thinks about finding a way to bring his animated Star Wars characters to live-action. “Very rarely,” he replied. “I know people think it’s the other way around, which is fascinating to me, but I think there’s two ways to look at that, which is that, yes, they were animated characters, but to me they’re just characters. And now I’m over here working in live-action. I’m comfortable with those characters, I know them, I like them and I like to see them around.”

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That said, Filoni acknowledges that “it changes when they’re suddenly in a different medium. [Katee Sackhoff’s] talked about it a little bit, and the difference between performing Bo-Katan as a voice actor versus performing her physically and being present on set as her — it’s a different vibe. I’m always cautious. And Jon [Favreau] and I talk about who will we bring in? I try to do it when it makes the most sense.” As an example, Filoni pointed towards Cad Bane’s live-action debut in The Book of Boba Fett.

“When we needed a gunslinger to go up against some of our characters in Book of Boba Fett, Cad Bane’s name came up,” he recalled. “I think looking at that, the first thing I think is, ‘Well, how do we do…

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