Delhi will treat 155 MGD of waste water from Haryana, U.P., says Jain

Water Minister Satyendar Jain on Wednesday said that the Delhi government will treat 155 million gallons per day (MGD) of waste water flowing into the city from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana through different drains.

The Delhi stretch of the Yamuna receives 105 MGD of wastewater from Haryana through Badshahpur drain coming from Gurugram and drain number 6 coming from Sonipat. Similarly, 50 MGD of wastewater from Uttar Pradesh falls into Ghazipur drain in Delhi region which eventually drains into the Yamuna river, as per Delhi government.

Wastewater is a resource which can solve water problems of any city when handled properly. The Delhi Jal Board has already taken few initiatives in this direction. Drain number 6 is carrying around 15 MGD of water, out of which major flow has been tapped through the barrage and diverted to Narela STP which is currently treating around 12 MGD against a design capacity of 10 MGD. Pipelines are being laid to carry treated water to various lakes, waterbodies, tanks and green areas of the Narela area for rejuvenation and recharging purposes,” Mr. Jain said.

The Minister said that the work of barrage for tapping wastewater from Ghazipur Drain at Kalyanpuri and conveying it to Kondli STP has been completed. “The flow of 5-7 MGD has already been diverted which will be increased gradually to an ultimate capacity of 50 MGD. Complete wastewater of Ghazipur drain will be tapped and treated,” he said.

Recycled water from this project will be diverted to lakes and green areas of East Delhi and excess clean water will be released into the drain for rejuvenation and recharging projects.

Currently, the Yamuna is polluted and not even fit for bathing in the Delhi stretch, except for Palla, the point where the river enters Delhi, as per government data.

Levels of fecal coliform (microbes from human and animal excreta) is beyond the desirable levels in all points except for Palla and at some points it is as high as – 760 times – the desirable level.

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