Destiny 2: All Action Figure Locations

Hidden collectibles have been in Destiny 2 for years. From Jade Rabbits in Shadowkeep, to the adorable Lucent Months in Witch Queen, collectibles can be found by players and displayed. Lightfall continues this trend with its own set of collectibles. The collectibles for Year 6 are action figures of Cloud Striders.

Just like with collectibles in previous years, these action figures are hidden very well. In some cases, players will need to complete a small puzzle to get them to spawn. Here is where Destiny 2 players can find all the Neomuna action figures along with where to display them.


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Action Figure in Ahimsa Park

One of the easier action figures to get is the one nearby Calus’s Ship. Go down into the cave and enter the nearby building. Go forward and go under the stairs. An action figure can be found on the rock ledge here.

Action Figure in Irkalla Complex


When entering the Irkalla Complex, go left and jump all the way up to the top of the wall. Along this wall are three AA guns. Equip a long range weapon like a Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle and walk up to the top of each AA gun. Face the direction that the gun is facing and aim up. When positioned correctly and aiming at the right spot, a small crux of darkness will appear. They are far away and can only be shot with a long range weapon. Once all three are destroyed, an action figure will spawn below players.

Action Figure in Maya’s Retreat


To get the action figure in…