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Destiny 2 Avalon secrets and how to find them

The Destiny 2 Avalon secrets are little puzzles hidden throughout the new Vexcalibur exotic mission that reward you with enhancement prisms, upgrade modules, red border weapons, and even give you a small dose of lore about Asher Mir and what he’s up to these days. Unlocking these secrets also rewards you with unique triumphs in the Season of Defiance node. 

You’ll need to find the Substrate secret as part of the Vexcalibur Expert Authorisation Code quest, which gives you access to the first intrinsic upgrade for the glaive. If you’re still exploring Neptune, there are also Neomuna action figures (opens in new tab) to find and Strand guns to grab from Terminal Overload (opens in new tab). Otherwise, here are all of the Destiny 2 Avalon secrets so far. 

Data Retrieval: Substrate

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