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Vidya Balan and Priyamani are the two most popular actors in the industry. With Balan’s prominence in the Hindi film industry, to Priyanmani popular in South, it’s needless to say that the two have earned immense love from the audience.

However, saying that, not many know that the dynamic duo are also distant cousins! Here, have a read at what the actors have to say about each other.

As quoted by Hindustan Times, from DNA, “Yes, but can you believe we’ve met once in our lives. We are distant cousins. We met on a film award stage once because our families are not in touch. I’m given to believe that she’s a wonderful actor, and she’s doing really well for herself. More power to her.”

Priyamani also spoke about the Kahaani actress, saying, “We don’t meet as often as our parents do. I’m very proud that she’s family, and I wish her a great career.”

At a press conference for the film Rakta Charita II, she said, “Yes, we’re second cousins. We haven’t been in touch on a personal level — not to her, but I’m in touch with her father. Whenever I come to Mumbai, I make it a point to call her dad. If possible, I would love to meet Vidya someday, because being a cousin is a secondary thing, but as an actor, I’m extremely proud of her, and with the body of work that she’s done, she’s a fabulous actor.”

Back in 2012, in her interview with Deccan Chronicle, quotes, “I don’t need to take tips from my second cousin about which films to sign or not. I’m too independent to seek her advice,” she added, “I may get more mileage if I bounce Vidya’s name in the Mumbai media, but I am totally averse to that idea. Some people may boast about their links to climb up the ladder but I’m not like that. Nothing can replace talent.” as quoted by HT.

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