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DnD Fans Blast Hasbro for Ranking as One of 2023’s ‘Most Ethical’ Companies

Dungeons & Dragons fans expressed scorn for a list of 2023’s “Most Ethical Companies” that included Wizards of the Coast’s (WoTC) parent company, Hasbro, despite the recent Open Gaming License (OGL) controversy.

Redditors responded to an article from Wargamer detailing a recent list by Ethisphere naming the companies that “positively impact employees, communities, and broader stakeholders” in 2023. Along with dozens of businesses such as Apple, Pfizer, FedEx and Best Buy, the website awarded Hasbro with honors for the twelfth time. DnD fans took issue with the inclusion, particularly due to the recent OGL controversy, where an early version of the rewritten license would have placed severe restrictions on third-party creators.

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Wizards parent company Hasbro named one of 2023’s ‘most ethical’ businesses

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WotC Angers Fans With Dungeons & Dragons OGL Controversy

In early January, a leaked copy of an updated OGL for Dungeons & Dragons caused a massive outcry among the community. Besides placing severe restrictions on the types of content third-party creators could manufacture and sell for DnD 5E, it also implemented a heavy royalty. Additionally, it seemingly opened the door to Wizards claiming the rights to make merch based on third-party designs to sell as its own without owing royalties to creators.

The OGL led to massive protests online, with several terms relating to Dungeons & Dragons and Wizards of the Coast trending for weeks. Shortly after the leak…

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