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Only a few months after concluding its teasing first broadcast, new information on Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro season 2 has been shared online!

The Spring anime slate may have been dominated by My Hero Academia’s fifth season and the debut of Tokyo Revengers, but there were plenty of popular series fighting to earn your attention.

One of those series was Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, which started dubiously but developed into one of the funniest and more intriguing rom-coms on the entire slate.

Now, several months later, new information on Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro’s second season has been revealed!

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro season 2…

Fans of Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro will be delighted to hear that the anime series has now been renewed for season 2.

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The announcement came through the franchises official Japanese website, with a brief post accompanying the announcement image, see below.

“The second production of TV animation is decided! The production of the second season of the TV anime ‘Don’t Toy With Me’ has been decided! Details will be announced at a later date.” – Season 2 announcement, via

Whilst news of the renewal is welcomed, not many fans would have been too surprised to hear of a second semester with senpai. The reasons for the optimistic outlook was the series’ popularity and the availability of source material.

Despite some early criticism, the series gone on to become one of the more popular anime on the Spring slate, scoring a 7.4/10 on IMDB and 7.46/10 with over 237,000 reviews on MyAnimeList.

There is also plenty of the source material from the manga series to adapt for more seasons of anime.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro season 1 episode 12 conclude around Volume 7 chapter 46, per Monsters and Critics.

However, fans will be happy to know that a total of 11 volumes have been published in Japan and the series is still listed as ongoing.

When will season 2 release online?

Whilst the recent announcement did confirm season 2, a release date for Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro’s return was not revealed.

However, we can make some predictions based on the production schedule from season 1, which was announced in July 2020.

Assuming the second season would experience a similar timeline, fans can expect the hit anime series to return for part 2 in either April 2022 (Spring slate) or July 2022 (Summer slate).

The Japanese website did mention that more details will follow shortly, so hopefully a release window and more promotional material will be shared in the coming weeks.

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