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EastEnders spoilers September 26 – 30: Suki death twist, Janine caught | Soaps

Secrets have a habit of coming out in Walford (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders is home to a lot of secrets and, next week, confessions are made and truths are exposed, with Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) opening up to Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

But, with the rest of the family already in meltdown, how much will she say – and what will the consequences be?

Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is also facing major ramifications over a crime; and she is horrified when it seems like her own daughter Scarlett could be the one to bring her down.

Elsewhere on the Square, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is left fuming by Ben (Max Bowden) and Freddie (Bobby Brazier) – and hits back with a big bombshell.

Monday September 26

Freddie tries to find a job to financially aid Billy with his legal fees and is offered a trial shift at the chippy. (Picture: BBC)

Eve is shocked to see a dishevelled looking Suki walking through the Square in her nightdress and rushes her over to Ash who takes her to the surgery. Ash and Eve try to get to the bottom of what’s going on and leave her alone with Dr Nina.

Meanwhile, Nugget tells Ravi about the state Suki is in and when Eve brings her home, she picks up that something isn’t right. Kheerat is confused to hear from Alfie about what happened with Suki but when he questions Ravi, he covers and says Suki was sleepwalking. Adamant something isn’t right, Eve heads back to Suki’s and refuses to leave until she gets the truth.

In the café, Scarlett overhears Sharon and Linda discussing Janine’s relationship with her.

Back at The Vic, Scarlett spots Janine in the back of Frankie’s incriminating photo and gets an idea, telling Linda she needs to talk to her…  

Noticing how well Jean and Harvey are getting on, Stacey ropes in Alfie, Kat and Kheerat to help surprise them with a romantic dinner.

Jean isn’t impressed however and when Harvey arrives, Alfie suggests they all stay for dinner to avoid embarrassing Harvey.

Billy is upset when Phil suggests he’s unable to help him get a better solicitor.

Freddie tries to find a job to financially aid Billy with his legal fees and is offered a trial shift at the chippy.  

Needing money for a school trip, Nugget forms an idea to get it from Amy but it doesn’t go to plan as the teens argue. Later on, an annoyed Jack and Howie tell Ravi they need to head to school as the kids are in trouble.  

Tuesday September 27

Jack, Howie and Ravi arrive at the school and the fathers bicker as they each defend their children. (Picture: BBC)

Suki cautiously opens up to Eve and tells her about Ranveer attempting to sexually assault her – but will she tell her the full truth?

Jack, Howie and Ravi arrive at the school and the fathers bicker as they each defend their children. The teacher calls everyone into the office and demands to know what happened.

Ravi learns from Howie that Nugget was also in trouble last week so Ravi tries to talk to his son.

However his focus turns elsewhere as he worries about Suki’s whereabouts and is alarmed when Eve brings her home. Alone, Ravi makes an urgent call to someone telling them they have a problem.

Scarlett opens up to Linda about her fears. As Scarlett contemplates telling Linda the truth about what Janine did, Linda realises there is something she’s not telling her and probes her for more information but Scarlett rushes off.

Meanwhile, Mick tells Janine they can take Scarlett to meet his children tonight but Janine panics to learn Scarlett’s with Linda. Scarlett returns to Linda – will she come clean?

Freddie impresses Bobby at the chippy and is offered a permanent position. Honey and Billy are pleased but Honey reminds Billy he needs to tell him the truth. After an awkward meal, Jean scolds Stacey for meddling with her and Harvey. Alone, Jean discusses her future with Harvey.

Wednesday September 28

Phil is furious when Freddie tells him Ben has sorted Billy a good lawyer from Ritchie’s firm (Picture: BBC)

Ravi tries to get Suki back on plan and manipulates her into feeling sorry for him.

The pressure mounts for Ravi when Nugget’s headteacher arrives to discuss his poor behaviour. . Suki and Ravi learn just how close Nugget was to Ranveer leaving them both feeling guilty.

Kheerat takes Stacey on a date but is soon distracted by work leaving her frustrated. Kheerat reveals to Stacey and Eve that he believes Ranveer has gone missing.

Kheerat pays a visit to Nina.

Kheerat is forced to apologise to Stacey for missing their date. Martin spots Denzel and Amy holding hands and tells an annoyed Jack. 

Freddie overhears Billy’s solicitor telling him he could face a long prison sentence leaving Freddie more determined than ever to help him. When Phil says he is unable to help, Freddie turns to Ben and asks for a good solicitor and with Ben oblivious to Phil’s involvement, he agrees to help. Phil is later furious when Freddie tells him Ben has sorted Billy a good lawyer from Ritchie’s firm despite Phil warning Freddie away. Raging, Phil drops a bombshell.

Thursday September 2

Ravi suggests the Panesars celebrate Nugget’s birthday (Picture: BBC)

Ravi suggests the Panesars celebrate Nugget’s birthday and manipulates Vinny and Ash into coming along. With things still tense, Kheerat declines the offer but after some words of wisdom from Stacey he decides to attend. At the meal, Kheerat grows more suspicious of Ranveer’s whereabouts.       

Jack is upset to discover Denzel and Amy have been alone together but they assure him they were just getting ready for Nugget’s birthday.

Denise, Kim and Howie are taken aback at how overprotective

Jack is being As Lexi interviews Callum for a school project, Lola can sense him and Ben still have feelings for each other.

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