Saturday, September 24

Equipment issues strands BART train with 200 passengers onboard

BART told riders to expect “major delays system-wide” until trains stop running Friday after an electrical problem in the Transbay Tube early in the morning snarled the transit agency’s operations and at one point stranded a train inside the tube with about 200 people aboard.

The train was stuck in the in the Transbay Tube for just over an hour between the Embarcadero and West Oakland stations after a power issue forced the transit agency to power down one of the rails, officials said Friday morning.

The disabled train, which was headed towards San Francisco, was stranded on the powered-down rail when the issue began just before 7:15 Friday morning.

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At 8:35 a.m., another train moved it back to West Oakland, BART spokesperson Cheryl Stalter said, where everyone was off-boarded at the station.

As of Friday afternoon, BART was still operating only one rail for the yellow and blue lines through the tube and was still experiencing major delays, BART spokesperson Jim Allison said. The red and green lines through the tube had been canceled for the day.

Allison added that the situation was not expected to change soon.

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