Viral Video Today: Amid the draining hot summer in India and long work days, it easy to become totally exhausted by the end of the day. Every working person has had one of those days when they’re just dozing off while going home in the metro. A video is going viral on social media that shows one such tired man going home from work in the evening.Also Read – Viral Video: Happy Uncle Dances To Punjabi Songs At Sirsa Bus Stand As People Wait. Watch

The video was shared on Instagram by the page ‘oddly_satisfyiinngg’. It shows a man with a big belly fast asleep while sitting on a seat of a local train. The man in red T-shirt seems to be in such a deep sleep that he is falling towards the aisle. Also Read – Viral Video: Unoccupied Beach House Collapses Into Ocean During Storm in North Carolina. Watch

A few seconds later, he completely falls off his seat on the floor of the train and wakes himself up. Some people could be seen reacting to sleeping man falling by just shaking their heads. The post has received thousands of views and likes and netizens flooded the comments laughing emojis and jokes. Also Read – Viral Video: Bride Falls Asleep While Waiting For Phera Ceremony To Begin. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

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