Facebook launches lock profile in India, privacy will work

Facebook has already offered several privacy options that offer the same protection. However, the new feature will make it easier for those who do not understand the privacy options on the platform.

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Facebook has announced a new “Lock Profile” feature, after its activation, users’ profile information will not be seen by people outside its friend list. This security feature has been released in India and the company says it is designed specifically for women who want more control over their information on Facebook. The latest profile security feature can be considered an upgrade of the existing profile picture guard, which the company launched about three years ago. In the coming days, the new Facebook lock profile feature will be released for all users.

Facebook says that the lock profile feature adds an extra layer of security to the profile on the platform. When the feature is activated, apart from the list of friends, no one can see the user’s profile information. Also the profile picture cannot be downloaded or shared. Similarly, old and new posts cannot be seen by non-friends if this security feature is activated.

Facebook has already offered several privacy options that offer the same protection. However the new feature will inevitably make things a lot easier, especially for those who don’t understand the privacy options on the platform.

It is also important to note that once users activate the new feature, all old public posts will be limited to friends only. No outsider will see them. It is not clear if non-friends will be able to send messages via Messenger if the security feature is on. Facebook has also said in the statement that a blue badge will be added to the profile page to lock the profile page.

How to activate Facebook lock profile feature?

This feature is gradually being rolled out to all users in India, however, you can check its availability by tapping on More under your Facebook name . If you see the lock profile option, it means it is now available to you. To confirm , select Lock Profile and then tap Lock Your Profile .

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