Fallen Dynasty Best Wood Phase Spells, Ranked

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been released and is giving players a fantastic Souls-like experience with a unique combat system. While the divine beasts and martial arts are fun aspects that have been much praised, another important aspect is the different types of phase spells in the game.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty focuses on these spells as important aspects in certain situations. With wood phase spells, there are fourteen spells, and much of the focus across them is on lightning damage and growing player HP. Players should try to remember that wood phase spells are effective in the face of Earth spells but are weak against metal ones in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty combat.


7 Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase Level 3)

Absorb Vitality is a particularly useful spell for players new to Souls-Like games and playing Wo Long for the first time. This goes double if the player is still in the early part of the game, and getting used to the style of combat. Absorb Vitality is a useful spell that allows players to regain HP as they deal damage to enemies around them.

This makes it less necessary to get blocking as quickly as early in the game. It is a massive help allowing players to progress while they gain the skills necessary to defeat higher-level enemies who deal more damage later in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

6 Spirit Fervor (Wood Phase Level 6)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Spirit Fervor

Spirit Fervor works similarly to Absorb Vitality. Instead of helping the player to regain HP though, Spirit…