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from Pure Mayhem to Crunch Time

Wingstop has introduced three new flavors, that will be available from this March 2023 for a limited time only in US restaurants – here’s everything you need to know.

Whether you prefer your chicken in a bun, as wings, or tenders, Wingstop has you covered and more! Famous for its huge range of dipping sauces and seasonings, the beloved fast food spot has been feeding chicken wing fans for 25 years. As recently as July, the chain launched 12 new Chicken Sandwich flavors.

The restaurant has just dropped three new 2023 flavors for you to choose from and they can be enjoyed in a Chicken Sandwich, on the brand’s classic bone-in, boneless wings, or crispy tenders. Let’s break down the new Wingstop flavors.

Wingstop introduces The Meltdown

The Meltdown is a garlic and parmesan-forward seasoning. Wingstop has described the flavor as “savory garlic, tossed with bold Cajun seasoning and buttery parmesan” and it is rated three out of five on the spice scale.

A food reviewer on Youtube gave the new flavor rave reviews and said the buttery parmesan was the most prominent taste. He tried the Meltdown on Wingstop’s crispy tenders.

The new Crunch Time flavor

Crunch Time is a combination of two already popular Wingstop rubs: Hot Honey Rub and Lemon Pepper. It is described as “sweet honey and zesty lemon combined in a fiery dry rub,” and given two out of five on the spice scale.

Pure Mayhem flavor

The new Pure Mayhem flavor is Wingstop’s signature sweet and savory fry seasoning but cooked on wings. It scores a zero on the spice scale so would be perfect for…

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