Gotham Knights’ Misha Collins Dishes on Harvey Dent’s Descent Into Madness in Exclusive Interview

Supernatural actor Misha Collins is no angel in Gotham Knights. Set in the seedy streets of Gotham City. The TV series opens with the murder and unmasking of Batman. In the aftermath, evidence suggests that Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, Turner, killed him to inherit his father’s wealth. To uncover the truth and clear his name, Turner reluctantly teams up with a ragtag team consisting of friends and enemies, most notably being Duela, Joker’s daughter.

Collins plays Harvey Dent, a charismatic district attorney handling the case. He cares for Gotham and wants to make a difference. Comic book readers and moviegoers, however, recognize that there’s another side to Harvey. After becoming horribly disfigured, he evolves into the deranged villain Two-Face, whose brand of justice is determined by the flip of a coin. Collins’s version hasn’t fallen down that rabbit hole, yet, but Gotham Knights will begin to expose the cracks in Harvey. Collins spoke to CBR about life after Supernatural, Harvey’s mental anguish, the Court of Owls, and the art of flipping a coin.

CBR: After being on Supernatural, what were some of the boxes that Gotham Knights checked off for you?

Misha Collins: I wanted to do a drama. I wanted to do something that was gritty, real, and grounded. I played Castiel for 12 years. Castiel feels like a family member to me now, as bizarre as that sounds. I got to really know the character and fell in love with him. He [wasn’t] human, so he had these almost alien characteristics. I wanted to play somebody who had the whole range of human emotions. To…