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HBO’s The Last of Us Hints at Why Ellie Is Immune

The following contains spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 9, “Look for the Light,” which aired Sunday, March 12 on HBO.

The Last of Us hasn’t avoided explaining the science behind its mushroom-infested pandemic. The first three episodes detailed the origins of the Cordyceps fungal infection and how a mixture of flour and climate change possibly jump-started the end of the world. The HBO series explored the virus’ nature again in its season finale by explaining why Ellie is immune to the infection.

The young girl discovered she was immune after being bitten by a lone infected in an abandoned mall, and after weeks of no symptoms, she became a rarity in the world. Even if The Last of Us occasionally lacks enough danger from infected to show why a vaccine is necessary, the show’s entire story is founded on the journey to find a cure. That’s why Season 1, Episode 9, “Look for the Light,” goes back to the beginning to show how immunity is possible.

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The Science Behind Ellie’s Immunity

“Look for the Light” opens on a flashback of Anna (played by original Ellie actor Ashley Johnson), Ellie’s mother, who is on the run from infected. Hiding out in a barn, Anna deals with the pains of labor while fighting off an infected –.but she gets bit on the leg in the process before being able to cut the umbilical cord. To ensure that the infection doesn’t spread to her daughter, Anna refuses to breastfeed Ellie and even considers committing suicide when it seemed like no one was…

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