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Hogwarts Legacy silently shuts up annoying NPC

Hogwarts Legacy (opens in new tab) received a recent patch that was mainly focused on bug fixes and ray tracing. Yet the patch notes (opens in new tab) omitted a change, swiftly spotted by players and subsequently confirmed by developer Avalanche, that is more of a quality of life improvement. They’ve shut up those bloody statues.

Ignatia Wildsmith is a long-dead witch, remembered and immortalised in the wizarding world for her invention of Floo Powder. Nevermind the lore: Floo travel is what you use to fast-travel around Hogwarts Legacy. In-game you do this by going up to busts of Ignatia Wildsmith which, this being a magical world, chatter away at you. And boy does Ignatia go on about how great her invention is and travel broadening the mind and oh my word just let me fast travel please.

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