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Horizon Forbidden West: Best Bows, Ranked

Aloy’s main weapons in Horizon: Forbidden West are her bows and arrows. Raised as a hunter, she fires on her foes from all ranges, always adept at hitting their weak points. Like its predecessor, Horizon: Zero Dawn, this sequel offers plenty of bows to choose from.

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However, some of these are noticeably better than others. They come with specific uses and sport specialized arrows to fulfill those uses. Aloy should naturally have the best weapons to combat her robotic enemies. It takes a keen eye to not only hit the target, but also to find the best bow in Forbidden West.


7 Iriv’s Downfall

This is a Legendary Sharpshot bow, and it’s definitely the best at what it does. It comes with several Precision arrows. These range from regular to Elite to Tearing. As a result, the weapon is ideal for chipping away at enemy armor, especially from a distance.

The perks further amplify the bow’s effect. When upgraded, they ensure a far easier time landing critical hits. Unfortunately, players can’t access this bow on a normal playthrough. Instead, they must acquire it in New Game Plus. Talk to any merchants, and they’ll sell it for Champion Coins, which are rewarded for completing quests in this mode.

6 Rain Of Sparks

Rain of Sparks in Horizon: Forbidden West

Made by the Oseram people, this is another Legendary bow, albeit of the Warrior variety. The name suggests that it inflicts Shock damage, but that’s not the case. It mainly specializes in Light arrows. The regular ones are good…

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