Saturday, September 24

How Strong Is Shu in Engage Kiss?

Shu Ogata is the male protagonist of Engage Kiss. He exterminates demons and has a goal of finding out the truth about what happened to his family. Does that mean that Shu is strong? Or does he need the help of others to achieve his goal? How strong is Shu anyway?

When Shu became an orphan, he was adopted by Miles, who helped him get trained as a demon slayer. He was under Akino, who was an apprentice of Shu’s dad.

He then worked for her private military company called the AAA Defender Co., which is in charge of government contracts to exterminate demons. But later on, Shu decided to start his own company instead.

Is Shu Ogata Strong in Engage Kiss?

Compared with other shonen protagonists, Shu is not that strong. He has his own abilities, like being proficient in combat and shooting, but he would need Kisara for most of the jobs given to him.

In terms of shooting, he can shoot a flying insect demon with its core from a long distance using a sniper. This happened when Kisara was battling against the said demon.

He also showcased his hand-to-hand combat skills in Engage Kiss Episode 5 to save Kisara from Maria.

Despite being trained by Akino, Shu is not strong enough to protect himself at all costs. This is why having Kisara as his partner makes them a powerful duo.

Shu is the only demon slayer who uses demons to exterminate their own kind. With Kisara by his side, he can succeed in all of his missions. But for some reason, the two struggle to find jobs to pay for their electricity bills.

While physical strength and abilities might not be Shu’s expertise, it appears that he has a keen intellect that could help him achieve his goal.

Shu might probably be aware that he cannot achieve his goal on his own, so when he had the chance to get a strong partner, such as an A-ranked demon like Kisara, he grabbed the opportunity right away.

He is basically using her as a tool to fight demons, but this is not the first time he used a woman.

He used to date Ayano, who is an elite agent. He dumped her after he met Kisara, who is supposedly a stronger character considering that Kisara is a demon.

He also abandoned a nun-warrior called Sharon just to be with the A-ranked demon.

Shu’s choices might make him a selfish anti-hero, but what can we do? The man depends on strong women to finish the job for him.