How to Beat Kraken in Chained Echoes

Also called Krachan, Kraken is a sea monster that Chained Echoes players can encounter in Farnsport’s sewers. It’s a giant octopus-like creature with three tentacles, one for healing and two for attacking.

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Players shouldn’t mistake Krachan for Krakun, the other Aquatic-Type monster in Chained Echoes. This one is much easier to beat and has much less HP. Here’s a detailed guide for beginner Chained Echoes players.

How to Defeat Krachan in the Sewers

To beat Kraken, players should focus on one tentacle at a time. They’ll want to start by attacking its Healing tentacle, then remove the magical limb, and, finally, kill it by destroying the physical one. For greater damage, players can use Sienna’s Ultra Move at the beginning of the boss fight.


As an Aquatic-Type monster, Kraken is weak to Wind, so players will want to deploy items that inflict “Wet” and follow up with Wind-Type skills if possible. Waterbomb is an excellent wind-damage booster, though most players earn this item later in the game.

Kraken has two primary attacks: Tentacle Pierce and Splash. It also has three buffs, these being Tentacle Heal, Fury, and Rage. To counter, players should debuff the Healing and Magical tentacles and regen the squad’s lost HP with Kylian’s Heal All. Even on Hard Mode, Kraken’s damage is not lethal, so players can ignore its AoE.

If the boss fight seems too tricky, players may benefit from learning how to use SP before they try again.

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