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How to Beat Shashlik in Chained Echoes (Secret Boss Fight)

Shashlik is a hidden boss fight in Chained Echoes. Players will be able to unlock this special encounter in Basil by following the anthropomorphic carrot in Rohlan Fields.

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The battle is part of the side quests in the area, and beginner Chained Echoes players can save time and resources by skipping it. However, seasoned JRPG fans should have no problem defeating the shish-kebab-looking creature with the help of this strategy guide.

Where to Find Shashlik in Chained Echoes

Shashlik is on the lakeside at Basil. To find him, players should interact with the moving carrot in the farmhouse’s backyard and chase him down until he calls out his veggie friends and forms Shashlik.


How to Defeat Shashlik in Chained Echoes

Since Shashlik is weak to Fire, players should combine Glenn’s Oil Slash with Lenne’s Fire Thrust and finish him with the Ultra Move. If he paralyzed a teammate or put them to sleep, players should counter the attacks with Saga or Alarm Clock items.

It’s worth noting that the Shashlik battle has two phases. It first appears as individual veggies, and then it evolves into a Super Veggie Shish Kebab. Here are the best practices for each stage.

Phase 1: Carrie, Mush, Peppa, Cornelia, and Broko Lee

Before forming Shashlik, the walking carrot (Carrie) and his friends attack players individually. To beat them quickly, it’s best to focus on Carrie and Peppa, who are the strongest foes. Players can take them out fairly easily with Glenn’s Cross Slash and…

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