How to create and monetize YouTube channel?

We know that YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and we watch different types of videos on YouTube like teaching videos, talented videos, funny videos, etc. And every time we have to watch an ad between the video or in the starting-ending of the video. Those ads are placed by the creators. And they get revenue for those ads. So today I will teach you how to create and start the monetization process on Youtube.

Create a YouTube channel

It is very easy to create a YouTube channel. If you are on the mobile then click on your account icon and you will get a dashboard for your account. Now here click on create a channel and choose a name for your channel. You need to verify your phone number to remove the size limit for video upload. The same process will work on the desktop also. Now you have created and verified your channel. Now its time to connect your channel with Adsense.

Content for YouTube channel

Now you can show your skills here. You can also upload videos off-topic. If you want to become a vlogger then you need a good quality camera and a good software to edit those videos you shoot. If you want to teach peoples, you can teach anything then you need a camera and a board for writing and also an editor for videos. if you don’t want to show your face then you can record your computer, mobile, PC screen with a screen recorder. Just don’t stop now keep uploading videos and you will definitely get the success. The only thing you need to remember that always upload content that is satisfying the guidelines of YouTube. Because you are not allowed to upload copyrighted content and adult content. For more info about content policy visit:-


Everyone is working to earn or get revenue for their content and hard work. So go to the creator studio on YouTube and click on channel icon on the left sidebar. Now you will see some options and there is an option called monetization also. Now click on monetization and you will see instructions for AdSense set up. Just follow the instructions and you will be done.


To get your YouTube channel monetized, According to the YouTube guidelines you have to upload videos and get 4000 watch hour and 1000 subscribers. After that, your channel will be reviewed by YouTube team and if everything is under YouTube guidelines your channel will be approved for monetization.

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