How to earn money online?

Nowadays everyone is searching to make money stuff. Every internet user wants to make money as part-time or full time. So today I am going to tell your best and legit method to earn money online. So follow this step by step guide to make money by sitting at home. This is not a full guide to earn money online. it is a motivational guide to build your confidence and guide you to become a successful online worker. For the full guide, you can follow links with every step.

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So let’s talk about who will give you money and why?

It is very simple because most of the users choose advertising and affiliate or selling their own products. The most popular way to make money by affiliating and then advertising. We will talk about everything that can make money for you.

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Advertiser and Publisher

Let’s talk about advertising. You can earn money by becoming a publisher. You need a website or an app for that where you can place any ad networks ads.

Now let’s talk about publisher and advertiser relations. The advertiser pays ad networks to show their ads online everywhere. So an advertiser can get audiences for their product. It can be anything. And publisher shows their ads on their website, app, YouTube channel. It is called monetization. For monetization, you need a good content platform. So let’s talk about the requirements from the start and I can say the first step towards earning money online.

  1. You can make money by small tasks like download visits and so on.
  2. Build your own website and get a visitor.
  3. Start a YouTube channel.
  4. Build Your own app.
  5. Sell Your own products.
  6. Sell other’s products and get commissions.
  7. Become a freelancer.
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1. Become a micro worker

If you want to earn only some extra cash for your bills and pay fees. Then you can earn by doing simple and small tasks online. A lot of apps and websites offer small tasks to their user and workers to make money for every task completed. Here are some sites which are legit and paying:-

Rapidworkers:- You just need to sign up and start work. Here tasks are like visit websites, like and comment on a Facebook post, Instagram post, click and wait tasks, complete survey, download apps. This site provides worldwide work to its users. They have many payment options but the most popular is PayPal. It is safe and secure and they charge the lowest fee.

Microworker:- This site is also similar to the above website. It has additional security. Before getting a task or job you have to verify yourself by phone number. After verifying you will get work and payment. It has many payment methods like Bitcoin, Paypal, wire transfer, etc. This is a legit website.

Swagbucks:- it is the most popular and legit website to earn money by doing simple tasks on the web and mobile. They also provide a $5 sign up bonus. And an attractive referral bonus also. You can earn as much you want from there.

A lot of websites are on the list similar to above. Some of the, are PTC and GPT sites, captcha solving sites, form filling sites.

2. Build your own website

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Nowadays it becomes very easy to build a website. It doesn’t matter if you have any technical knowledge or not. You can build your website very easily. Just build the website and place ads on it and earn money. Now the best method of monetization is Google Adsense. Because they pay a very high amount and their ads are user-friendly. Their ads have high quality. But it is hard to get approval from them. But if you are not getting approved then you can choose an alternative like propeller ads, pop ads,taboola If you want to learn to make a website then visit here:-

3. YouTube

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If you have confidence and talent to show something, teach something then you can earn huge money by YouTube. Just make videos and upload them on YouTube. You have watched a lot of videos and also ads in between those videos. Those ads are from advertisers and ad platforms. So when a user watches video an ad will be showed and the creator will get revenue for that ad with a fixed value. So make videos and upload them. Youtube has a milestone now for all creators. Because everyone wants to make money by uploading videos. So due to the increasing amount of creators, youtube put a milestone. So the creator can monetize their channel only after milestone. To know how to become a successful YouTuber and earn money by monetization click here:-

4. Build app

Now if you have technical knowledge then it is very easy for you. But if you have no coding or app development knowledge then it is very difficult for you. But a lot of platforms are available to build apps without coding. And monetize by ad networks like Admob,appodeal,adcolony, etc. If you want to build your own app and monetize it then follow this link:-

5. Sell products

You can sell a product online and offline. But you have to work hard on both methods. the offline method needs hard work and the online method needs hard and smart work. So you can work on the incentive for big companies. or you can make your own website and list products on it. Also, share products on social media.

6. Pure and legit affiliate marketing

We will not go in-depth here. Because it is not a small thing. You can become very rich with affiliate marketing. You need to share your affiliate links to websites, social media even relatives. When they make a purchase you will get a commission on every item purchased from your link. Some legit websites like Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart are paying a fixed amount of commission to their affiliates. So just make your affiliate account now and start making money from day one. To grow in affiliate marketing follow this step by step guide here:-


You can become a freelancer if you have various types of skills. They have work for the small skill to advanced levels. If you are a beginner then try to become a freelancer. And show your skills there, if your work smart then you will definitely grow. So go on and create your work profile and earn money. To know more freelancer sites and guides to make a solid user profile follow this link:-

That’s all for now. I hope you will understand the methods to earn money online is not easy it needs hard and smart word to be done. So follow every step to earn money online.

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