How to make money by Flipkart affiliate?(Full Guide)

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money. And in India, Flipkart is the biggest online store. You can earn as much as you want. Follow this guide step by step to create an account and generate affiliate links and spread them in various places.

  1. Create an Affiliate account on Flipkart Affiliate
  2. Generate Links and banners
  3. Share and earn commission on every purchased item

How to create an account?

You need to visit here create an affiliate account then click on the register button. Fill your email address and password. After submitting details you will get a confirmation email from Flipkart. Click on the link in the email to verify your email. After verified you need to add personal details where you want to receive your payments. Be careful during fill bank details. Fill them correctly. You can also skip this step until you reached the threshold.

Commission and link generation

You can check their commission for every type of product here:- commission check. They provide a very attractive commission for every item purchased through your link or banner. Now it is time to create links, banners, and APIs. Click on the affiliate tool on the Flipkart affiliate website or click here to go on affiliate tools. You can create links and banners. You can share your links to social media and other platforms. You can add a banner to your site anywhere.

You will get commission only for an item purchased through your link or banner. They will not pay for visitors through your link. So you have to sell products through your link, then you will get money in your wallet. Now I will tell you the method of spreading your links. At starting if you don’t have a big social media network then you should share your link with relatives when they are going to purchase anything. Ask your friends and relatives to tell you when they will buy something. You can also share an item on YouTube and Facebook with some attractive keywords and offers. This way you will get visitors and some of them will buy your products. So start now and earn huge money.

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Let’s check Flipkart commission rates for different products.

Flipkart commission rates

This is the snapshot from the official Flipkart website of their affiliate commissions. Check every item and choose the best item to share. Nowadays mobile and electronics and fashion items are on-trend. So choose these items at first and start sharing your affiliate link with peoples around you in the starting make a network on social media like a group on WhatsApp and create a Facebook page Instagram and other media platforms.

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