How to make Paypal money by microwork websites and clicking ads? (Full list)

You can earn money by doing simple tasks like downloading apps, visiting websites, clicking ads, like posts, doing comments, subscribe to the YouTube channel, etc. And for this work, you don’t need any specific knowledge or qualification. So I am going to tell you five PTC sites to earn money online and these websites are great for beginners.

What is the PTC site?

It is paid to click service. Here advertiser posts their links and banners to get visitors and users click on that links and banners. And they will get a fixed amount of money per click. So here you are getting pay per click that’s why we call it PTC service or sites.

Let’s talk about the type of PTC sites. Basically you get click ads offers but some PTC sites provide extra sources or methods of income like downloading apps, complete surveys and different types of offer walls. So you have more ways to make money.

The advantage of the PTC site is that you can join free and it is easy to use no technical knowledge or qualifications required for these sites. You can work from anywhere. You are free to work. No timeline and deadlines. Many income methods for every user.

We have many websites for earning money but you can’t trust a website without checking its review or details like runtime, service time, reputation, etc. Please don’t join any new website without checking website review.

Here is the list of some best PTC sites which are available worldwide with many payment methods.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobox
  3. GPT Planet
  4. Scarlet clicks

These are the best and verified sites to earn money online.


Clixsense now became You can earn from this site. This site is legit and it has a high reputation. This is not a scam. It provides offerwalls. surveys, download apps service and referrals system, up to 30% earning.

You can withdraw 10 dollars as a minimum payment through PayPal.


Neobox is the best and oldest PTC site. It is updated and working very well.

You can earn a passive income from this website. You will get different types of ads like purple, blue and gold ads. They have different CPC. The gold ad has the highest CPC. They have an investing system also but I don’t recommend that.

It has the advantage of withdrawal. Because their minimum withdraws amount is $2.

GPT Planet

This is also a very good site to earn money. This is almost similar to the above sites. It has attractive looks and they already more than $10 Million to its users. They have a referal system also. It pays through Skrill and Neteller and the minimum withdrawal amount is $2.

Scarlet Click

This is a sister site of GPT planet site. You need to create an account to earn money and they have a lot of payment options like bitcoin, PayPal, skrill, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $2 only.

I recommend you to create accounts on all sites at once and do daily work to earn more money. It is profitable if you are working daily bases. These sites also give daily bonuses to their users.

Amar Hooda

My name is Amar Hooda and I am a freelancer, web and app developer. You can put me on a freelancer for web and graphic design. I like to share my knowledge, so I bought this site and started posting content. I will guide my users to earn money online.

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