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I love the Galaxy S23, but the iPhone does 5 things better

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 has arrived to the masses, and it’s one of the best Android phones you can get right now, especially the S23 Ultra. However, for those who don’t need all of the fancy bells and whistles, like the S Pen and 200MP main camera, the regular S23 is also plenty powerful for the average person, especially if you prefer smaller devices.

I’ve been using the Galaxy S23 for the past few weeks, and so far, my experience has been delightful. I know that it’s still early on in the year, but for me, the S23’s small size is perfect and comfortable. Android also does a lot of things better than iOS, like individual volume controls and notifications, for example. But I am still primarily using my iPhone 14 Pro — despite Apple having some big flaws, such as overprocessing images after you capture them.

Here are some reasons why I’m still using my iPhone 14 Pro, despite liking the Galaxy S23 a lot.

Joe Maring/Digital Trends

When I joined Digital Trends last year, I had to get out of my comfort zone and learn Android after using an iPhone exclusively for over a decade. One of my favorite things about iOS is the ability to jump back to the top of the screen in any app, which is so incredibly handy to have after you lose yourself to infinitely scrolling social media.

I was actually shocked to discover that no such feature exists on Android when I tried to tap the top of the status bar to go back to the top of my Instagram or Facebook feed after scrolling for several minutes. I ended up having to scroll all the way back to the top, which is quite…

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