Idris Elba’s Latest Film Has Solved the Mystery of the Netflix Charts

Image via Netflix

Idris Elba appears to have the magic touch when it comes to Netflix’s streaming charts. 

The actor’s recent project Luther: The Fallen Sun, which premiered on the platform late last month, has topped Netflix’s Global charts. According to the platform’s own rankings site, following the film’s debut in the week of March 6 to March 12, it was watched for 65,920,000 hours.

In Luther: The Fallen Sun, a film adaptation that takes place right where the hit BBC series ended, Elba reprises his beloved role as John Luther. It follows Luther, a former detective who remains behind bars for all the crimes he committed while apprehending criminals, as he tried to take down a serial killer in London.

Despite being in prison, Luther’s morals are tested once again when the deranged criminal starts to taunt him. The helplessness becomes so overwhelming that Luther decides to leave and finish the job, even if it jeopardizes his future. Luther: The Fallen Sun also stars Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis, Dermot Crowley, Thomas Coombes, Hattie Morahan, Lauryn Ajufo, Vincent Regan, Ross Waiton, Dan Li, and many others. 

Although the movie topped the Netflix charts, it received middling reviews from fans and critics alike; over on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a 67% score on the Tomatometer. The reason surrounding the average score was because many critics felt that movie wasn’t as good as the series and that the plot needed more depth.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is now streaming on Netflix….