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I’m trolled for my name after my mom called me after a lullaby – it’s so embarrassing

A WOMAN has shared the embarrassing story behind her name and one of the ways people troll her for it.

The woman in question took to Tiktok to share an exaggerated encounter of what it’s like to meet someone new and tell them her name.


TikTok user Starr shares the many ways she is trolled for her name with viewersCredit: TikTok @starr

Lifestyle content creator Starr may not seem to have a weird name, but the many comedic situations it lands her in are weird enough.

In a 15-second video, she lays out a scenario of what it’s like to introduce herself to someone she’s never met.

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Starr notes that her name is commonly associated with a popular lullaby.

The lullaby is simple, sweet, and loved by many, so it seems only fitting that a baby would be named after the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The skit consists of the comedian reenacting a meeting and playing both characters.

“Hi, I’m Starr,” she says as she introduces herself to a hypothetical person.

The character she plays just looks dumbfounded and emits a quick: “Huh?”

“Oh, um Starr. Like, you know, Twinkle Twinkle?” she says as herself.

“That’s your name?” the other Starr confusedly asks.

As it jumps back to Starr as herself, she just confirms the question.

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“Your mom actually named you Starr?” the other character inquires again in a cheeky manner.

Once the visual switches back to Starr, you can see that she is visibly annoyed.

“Yep, she did,” the woman says softly in the skit.

There is then an awkward moment of silence where both characters are just “staring” at each other before the character Starr is playing states a bold and rude remark.

“Well, nice to meet you, Sky,” the character says as the video comes to a close.

The comment section was filled with people joining in on the humor and sharing their own name blunders.

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“Mine is Storm. All I get is puns and rugby jokes,” one user commented.

“My name is Scout. they used to actually change my name on prescriptions to Scott cos they thought it was a typo,” one viewer shared.

“Yessss! my name is Starr too! is yours with 2 R’s? mine is! everyone calls me Skye too,” another added.

One of the funniest moments in the video is a stare-off between Starr and the hypothetical character she is also playing


One of the funniest moments in the video is a stare-off between Starr and the hypothetical character she is also playingCredit: TikTok @starr

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