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Instagram Notes ‘gone’ as some users ask where is the feature

A number of Instagram users think the Notes feature is “gone” as it isn’t showing on their profiles, but it could have disappeared for different reasons.

The new feature was introduced on the photo-sharing app towards the end of 2022 and soon became a favorite among users.

However, some users who have claimed that the Notes isn’t appearing on their profile, are worried that Instagram may have removed it, even though Instagram hasn’t commented on it.

Therefore, we have presented possible reasons why Instagram Notes may not be showing for some users.

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Instagram users think Notes is going in 2023

Several Instagram users have claimed on Twitter that Notes is “gone” from their profile as it isn’t showing for them anymore.

Some noted that feature suddenly disappeared and they aren’t able to figure out why.

One tweeted: “Where are my Instagram Notes? Why isn’t it showing?”

“Where did my Instagram notes go,” asked another.

A third user asked: “Are Instagram Notes gone or is it a glitch.”

As one user has noted, the missing Notes on the app is likely a technical glitch, which should be fixed soon. As Instagram hasn’t officially commented or released a statement about getting rid of one of its new features, there is no reason to fret.

Why the feature may not be showing for you

If you have never used Instagram Notes or if it doesn’t appear on the profile despite updating the app to its latest version, you may be residing in a region where the feature isn’t…

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