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Jake Paul Gets Trolled by Fans in Latest Training Clip With ‘Yes Man’

Popular YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul quickly became the poster boy of influencer boxing since he started his boxing career in 2018. He has fought five boxers till now and has successfully defeated all of them. However, now he is set to take on the toughest opponent of his career in his upcoming fight. 

Jake Paul’s trainer recently shared a video of Paul’s preparations ahead of his fight with UFC legend Anderson Silva. Fans seemed to have mixed reactions to the same and made their feelings known in the comments section.


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Jake Paul responds to Freddie Roach’s remarks 

Veteran trainer Freddie Roach recently revealed that boxing legend Mike Tyson visited his gym while ‘The Problem Child’ was sparring there. Apparently, Roach said that Tyson left after watching Paul spar for thirty seconds.  

Interestingly, the Ohio native revealed that he has never been to Roach’s gym, except for the time when he was there for a meeting. He further added that Roach is a “fu**ing idiot” and a “hater”. Paul also said that Tyson wasn’t even there when he visited the gym, and Roach is spreading rumors.  

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He stated, “Especially because me and Mike are friends man. Mike wouldn’t do that, Mike wouldn’t be like, ‘Ah f*** this kid, let’s go and do something else.’ Mike respects me and I respect Mike, but it would be dope to fight. I’m down. It could be fun.” 


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Well, we can’t say if Paul would fight Tyson or not. But currently, fans are looking forward to his fight with UFC legend Anderson Silva. The latter has been a seasoned fighter and is regarded as one of the greatest in the UFC. 

On the other hand, Paul is a young and agile fighter who might outperform a 47-year-old Silva. However, only time will tell how the fight plays out. The two will square off inside the ring on October 29th, and fans couldn’t be more excited about it.  

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Meanwhile, what do you think about Paul’s training video? Let us know in the comments below. 

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