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James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy: 6 things I want to see in the DC reboot

Well, it’s official: James Gunn will direct the first movie in Warner Bros. Discovery’s ambitious and aggressive reboot of the DC universe, Superman: Legacy. While not a surprise, the announcement is a clear signal that Gunn is fully invested in casting away the DCEU and putting forth his vision of a cinematic universe that involves a radically different version of the Man of Steel.

But what, precisely, will audiences see in Superman: Legacy? At this point, moviegoers only know what — and who — will not be in it: Henry Cavill, any ties to the DCEU, and a cynical and violent vision like what Zach Snyder had put forth in 2013’s Man of Steel. While Gunn’s film is still being written and has yet to be cast, it’s the perfect time to wonder what the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director should include in his Superman reboot.

A younger, fresher Superman

Look, I love Christopher Reeve. He will always be the definitive Superman. The less said about Brandon Routh, the better. And I fully acknowledge that while a lot of people love Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, he was never for me. That’s why I’m so excited for Gunn’s reboot because it gives everyone a chance to find a newer, better Superman.

Who could that be? I’ve already tackled the question in another piece. There’s a million ways Gunn could go: traditional (Darren Criss, Jacob Elordi); emo (Paul Mescal); beefcake (Charles Melton); and yes, a non-Caucasian Supes (Eli Goree). All of these choices work for me because Superman is a malleable character. He doesn’t need to be one set thing….

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