May 15, 2022, 12:45AM ISTSource: ANI

Japan’s Yaskawa Company has developed an Industrial robot with artificial intelligence which determines the color and shape of the objects and transports them to their correct position. Yaskawa company is evolving in various fields, including the automobile industry and parts manufacturing, according with the needs of the era. Yaskawa is promoting the solution concept “i3 (i-cube) Mechatronics” to realize a new industrial automation revolution. i3 means “integrated, intelligent, innovative”. At the industrial robot expo held in Tokyo this March, a demonstration introducing Yaskawa’s latest technology attracted attention. In the demonstration, robots with different role work properly. Each robot has artificial intelligence and works independently. The instructor robot gives efficient instructions to each robot about work situation. The robots communicate with each other to work autonomously and more efficiently. Yaskawa Electric’s technology has the mission to support global manufacturing industry continuously.

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