Saturday, September 24

Jidion banned twitch today, whats happened Jidion, Speed, and Tate?

YouTube star JiDion eventually caught Lizzo’s attention and collaborated with the “Juice” singer on an Instagram livestream, in which the two teased a possible future collaboration.

If there’s one thing to know about JiDion, it’s that the YouTuber is very, very fond of Lizzo.

The influencer has publicly expressed his admiration for the famous singer and flutist in his content, and has repeatedly tried to get her attention – even seeking the help of his fans, who stormed in Lizzo’s previous Instagram live, asking for cooperation.

Now, the crunch is finally here, as Lizzo admits that she actually made JiDion shine in their network-stunning duo, leading fans to believe that a future collaboration between the two stars is possible.

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Finally, after breaking the ice, Lizzo revealed why she had been “avoiding” JiDion for so long, explaining that technical difficulties and the excessive attention of YouTuber fans initially caused her to hold back.

“When people first asked me to bring you that thing, I tried it, and the shit didn’t work, so it didn’t happen,” she began. “Every time after that, everyone was interrupting my life and scaring me that I had to leave because I didn’t like having so many people looking at me.”

JiDion was clearly excited to finally connect with Lizzo, and then asked her to listen to a song he wrote specifically for her in January called “Thick Chicks” – and she was really impressed.

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That’s not all; with her live stream over and JiDion pushing the singer to work with him, it looks like she’s ready for the possibility.

“I thought about it a lot because you were so kind and so lovely,” she said. “And you didn’t curse me or do pranks or do clumsy things. You were very, very relaxed.”