Jovial dances with Rashid Abdalla during his birthday. 

Mombasa-based singer, Jovial has been on the receiving end following her dance with media personality Rashid Abdalla during his 40th birthday celebration that took place on Sunday in Mombasa.

Responding to the backlash in a recent post, the Unanikosha crooner explained that many of the trolls were women who were trying to project their insecurities onto her over an innocent performance.

For jovial, the whole act was part of her job and nothing more, adding that Rashid and his wife, Lulu Hassan, are her bosses.

“The insults on the trending photo of me at work…. Okay, I’m just seeing women projecting their insecurities on an innocent act. Mumepata kisababu cha kufungua roho! You can tell they are dealing with a lot in their homes! The couple are my bosses. Those who know the series know better,” she wrote.

According to the songbird, the naysayers should focus more on putting their houses in order instead of criticizing her job and finding fault in how she decides to perform.  

“Fix your homes and stop using me as an excuse. I’m an entertainer and I was doing my job. By the way, I was paid very good money. Cheers to many more. For more bookings contact the number on my bio,” she added.

When videos of jovial dancing with Rashid first hit the internet, social media was sent into a frenzy, with many questioning her integrity considering his wife’s presence. In the video, Lulu is seen coming between Jovial and Rashid and wrapping her arms around her husband, carrying on with the dance as the crowd cheered them on.

It is safe to say the celebrated media personality did not take Jovial’s performance personally as she went ahead to thank her for gracing her husband’s birthday occasion and making it worthwhile.

“I can’t thank you enough Jovial. You are destined for greatness, apart from being your bosses we are your number one fans. Keep on flying our flag high we love you dada. Keep on keeping on. Vocal 100%, Performances 100%, Presence 100%,” she wrote.

To which jovial responded, “Thank you Mama, God bless.”

Grateful for the surprise birthday party, Rashid, too, took to his social media to thank his family and friends for coming together to celebrate his birthday.

“Asanteni nyote kwa kunionesha upendo wa dhati. Asanteni nyote kwa kudhihirisha urafiki wa kupitiliza. Nyote mumekuwa nguzo muhimu katika maisha yangu na nawaombea afya njema , baraka na ufanisi kwani uwepo wenu maishani mwangu nauhitaji zaidi na zaidi. Kwa sasa wacha niseme tu ASANTE baadae ntarudi na ZAIDI YA ASANTE,” he wrote.


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