Kamal Nath’s speech slipped during election speech, indecent remarks against Minister Imrati Devi

Enthusiasts have intensified regarding the assembly by-elections in Madhya Pradesh. The round of accusations continues. The speech of the leaders has been slipping during the election speech.

While giving speeches, the leaders also keep their dignity at bay. Actually, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath was addressing a public meeting held in Dabra assembly constituency. During this, he made a derogatory remark against Cabinet Minister Imrati Devi.

Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath called Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate and cabinet cabinet minister Imrati Devi an ‘item’. It is known that Imarti Devi left the Congress and joined the BJP. Kamal Nath said about Imrati Devi that ‘you know her more than me, you should have warned me in advance, what is this’ item’.

BJP unit complained to Election Commission
The BJP unit of Madhya Pradesh has complained to the Election Commission against former CM of the state and Congress leader Kamal Nath. Explain that at an election rally, Kamal Nath had called BJP leader and cabinet minister Imrati Devi as an ‘item’.

Kamal Nath apologizes – CM Shivraj Singh
Who are calling themselves ‘Maryada Purushottam’ using such ‘indefinite language’? On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, the nation is worshiping women, in such a way your statement reflects your petty mentality. It is better that you take back your words and apologize to every daughter of the state, including Imrati Devi.

People are condemning this statement of Kamal Nath on social media


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