Konami Trademark Might Be Good News for Castlevania Fans

A new Castlevania game might be on the horizon, as suggested by a recent Konami trademark. This development arrives mere days after Konami acknowledged the fandom’s pleas for a new Castlevania game following a fairly successful Dead Cells DLC that featured a crossover with the long-dormant franchise.

Started in 1986, the Dracula-centric series is widely credited with popularizing the metroidvania genre whose very name is a portmanteau of Metroid and Castlevania. Though this specific genre isn’t as prevalent in its purest form as it once was, many of its staples — exploration-focused gameplay driven by interconnected levels that open up as players acquire new skills — still permeate games to this date. And while some popular modern titles like FromSoftware’s Soulslikes continue to carry the Castlevania legacy forward, the last mainline installment in the franchise was the 2014 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which received mixed responses from both critics and fans alike.


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The idea that Konami might be preparing a Castlevania comeback following a decade-long hiatus comes from a recently unearthed “Project Zircon” trademark that the company filed in Japan on March 7. Discovered by Gematsu, the IP filing contains the typical video game software designation, although its only connection to the iconic series is that Zircons appear as a type of gemstones in some Castlevania games. Consequently, the very notion that this trademark might point to a new Castlevania