Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Preeta giving the bag to Maddy. The latter takes a look at the money. Preeta asks Maddy to make sure that no one finds out that the media was already present in his changing room. Sameer hears the conversation and leaves. Maddy asks Preeta not to worry as he will take care of everything. Preeta says that she will give him even more amount of money if he manages to free Karan. Maddy tells her that he is quite experienced and will release Karan no matter what.

On another side, Sameer rushes to the lounge and questions Preeta about the whereabouts of the man. Preeta gets shocked. She tells him that she does not understand what is he trying to ask. Sameer asks him not to act dumb as he heard her telling Maddy that the media was already present outside his dressing room. Here, the constable comes and tells Karan that someone has come to meet him.

Meanwhile, Janki and Biji greet him. Karan gets pleased to see them both. Janki asks him not to worry as everything will get fine. Karan tells Janki that he is not worried as his grandmother has come to meet him. Karan asks his grandmother why is she smiling a lot. She says that she has met him after a long time. She further says that she will get even more proud of him if he gets released from jail. Karan says that so many people came to meet him but he felt happier after seeing Janki.

Biji tells Karan that the general public is honest and will believe anything they hear from other people. Karan asks them if they believe that Preeta said something wrong to him. Meanwhile, Malkhani comes. Karan introduces him to Janki and Biji as his lawyer. They both greet him. In the next scene, Sameer keeps demanding that Preeta disclose the truth about that person. Preeta refuses to answer him.

Sameer gets angry and accuses Preeta of plotting something against Karan. Kritika happens to hear the conversation too. They inform Eakhi about this who gets stunned as well. Rakhi says why would she do something like that. Shrishti does not understand why everyone is blaming her sister when she has not done anything wrong. Keep following Social Telecast for more latest updates and written episodes on Kundali Bhagya. Stay tuned with us!

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