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LucidSound LS100X Review

In a competitive gaming environment, headsets are the unsung heroes that elevate the playing experience to the next level. Hearing exactly where an enemy is before seeing them and planning an appropriate approach makes all the difference between victory and defeat. Having a proper set that can convey the necessary information is more readily available now than ever before with so many options and brands.

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LucidSound, a still relatively newer brand debuted on the scene back in 2016 and has since released a number of headsets across multiple platforms. LucidSound offerings have always held their own against more established brands like Astro, Razer, and Turtle Beach. And in the mid-range market particularly, LucidSound offers fantastic value for the feature set provided. The LS100X for Xbox, PC and Mobile is the latest offering from the company and a set to keep an ear out for in a mixed-usage setup!


Aesthetics And Build Quality

LucidSound LS100X

The LucidSound LS100X is a capable mid-tier Xbox and PC headset that brings good audio quality to supported platforms for a good price. Utilizing spacial sound capabilities give the set great positional audio queues to elevate competitive shooters. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity the headset’s usage gets extended further to platforms like Nintendo Switch and the PS5.


  • Good Sound For Its Price Point
  • Multi Device Cabable
  • Insane Battery Life
  • Comfortable To Use For Extended Periods

  • Requires A Dedicated Receiver For Xbox
  • Audio Can…

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